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What is Relational Mindfulness?



Relational Mindfulness® is:

  • An inclusive framework for developing a thriving relationship with yourself, the other, and your community

  • Comprised of ideas, techniques, principles, and tools that are backed by data and research

  • Inclusive of all experiences and applicable for a diverse range of people


Core Skills taught through Relational Mindfulness®

  • Mindfulness: the ability to focus on the present moment with curiosity and openness
  • Emotional Intelligence: the ability to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions
  • Inclusive Leadership: leaders who are aware of their own biases and preferences, actively seek out and consider different views and perspectives to inform better decision-making

WE’s Relational Mindfulness® methodology is based on research and learnings from:

  • Organizational and Positive Psychology
  • High-Performance Coaching
  • Non-Violent Communication and other interpersonal dynamic resources

A culture that embodies
Relational Mindfulness® has: