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Experience thriving relationships in every area of life.


Whether it’s with a coworker, partner, boss, or friend, we would all benefit from tools and practices to improve our relationships.


It’s called Relational Mindfulness®

WE offered Patagonia employees the unique opportunity to connect the dots between unconscious bias, work-life integration, and improved cross-functional communication.
— Talent Program Manager
@ Patagonia
Every single person on our team reached out to me with appreciation for this workshop and it also gave me a platform to better know my team and allow them to understand my vulnerabilities and hopes for our team.
— executive associate

WE brings Relational Mindfulness® to life through:

  • Active Participation

  • Creative Play

  • An Inclusive Environment

  • Integrated Development

  • Process-Oriented Experiences


Experience Relational Mindfulness®

96% of participants say “I feel the learnings of the workshop can be implemented in my day-to-day work.”

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