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WE is obsessed with relationships.


WE Manifesto

WE is obsessed with reimagining what’s possible for personal and professional relational dynamics. Relationship gives our lives meaning and context, and is the key to true wellbeing.

To actualize this mission, WE has committed to the power of experience. When we are immersed in experiential learning, we move beyond passive concepts and lofty ideas to generate true change and long-term impact.

WE asks you to imagine with us: what would it look like for entire cultures to be educated in Relational Mindfulness®? How would empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ) tools transform your work life and personal relationships? We’re committed to empower people everywhere to have healthy and thriving relationships.


Meet the team 


Brigit Richie

Founder + CEO

WE has grown from a resource for women in LA to gender inclusive workshops, dinner series, and retreats around the country for global companies and organizations across the nation. We want to equip every person with the tools and practices they need to cultivate Relational Mindfulness in their lives and communities.

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Court Roberts Co-Founder

Court Roberts

Daniela Bosco Relational Facilitator

Daniela Bosco
Relational Facilitator

Hanna Che Relational Facilitator

Hanna Che
Relational Facilitator

Jessica Blackstock Project Manager

Jessica Blackstock
Project Manager

Karla Huffman Relational Facilitator

Karla Huffman
Relational Facilitator

Iyabo Onipede Relational Facilitator

Iyabo Onipede
Relational Facilitator

Maisha Tyler Sales Associate

Maisha Tyler
Sales Associate

Jordan Butler Curriculum Development

Jordan Butler
Curriculum Development

Dora Kamau Relational Facilitator

Dora Kamau
Relational Facilitator

Leandra Terrazzano Creative Administrator

Leandra Terrazzano
Creative Administrator

Kendra Norwood Executive Assistant

Kendra Norwood
Executive Assistant

Megan Brown Relational Facilitator

Megan Brown
Relational Facilitator


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Where do WE programs take place?
WE is based in Downtown LA and hosts many of our programs at our loft space in the Arts District, but WE can travel anywhere!

Can WE programs be co-ed?
Yes! WE initially designed our programs to be for womxn, and that will always be an important part of our programming. However, we are passionate about seeing all people thrive in relationships and have been excited to see the impact a co-ed experience can have.

Where did RM come from?
Read this.

How can I be trained as a RM facilitator?
We are currently in the process of designing a training program for people to become a WE-certified Relational Mindfulness® facilitator. We’d love to talk to you about it. Get in touch here to find out more.